Our company: history, mission, values - About us - PMT ROY

The Roy family story began 90 years ago, when Vital Roy Assurances opened in Côte de Beaupré in 1927. The passion for serving customers was passed down from father to son when Vital Roy Assurances became Assurances Rémi Roy in 1969.

The family business grew exponentially in 2003, when it merged with another company with a rich family legacy, Groupe PMT, founded in the Portneuf area in 1946, to become PMT ROY Assurances et services financiers.

Since then, the company has continued to grow through the purchase of several other brokerage firms in Québec. Today, this expansion has earned it the distinction of the sixth largest insurance firm in Québec. It provides professional services across a network of 15 branches, stretching from Montréal to Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

More tangibly, the story of PMT ROY Assurances et services continues to be written in its everyday actions. Because family tradition, key acquisitions, and its evolving services are what make PMT ROY the respected organization it is today!

Our mission

To ensure our customers’ financial security through expert advice, delivered with passion.

Our ambitions

To become the top industry choice in the areas of customer experience, human resources management, operational efficiency, growth, profitability and innovation.

Our values

At PMT ROY, you’re assured an exceptional customer experience in line with our values of integrity, competence, respect, customer focus and innovation.

You’ll always find these values at the core of everything we do, guiding all of our actions, in the aim of always serving your better!