Business Insurances - PMT ROY

Why entrust our brokers with protecting your business?

Your business is unique

Its unique activities and the risks inherent to its operations and environment deserve to be carefully considered, to make sure that your business is well protected. Our business insurance experts can evaluate the complexity and scope of these risks and are trained to advise you on the best protection for your needs.

Your time is valuable

Thanks to our vast network of partners, we carefully select the best products for you, to protect the business you put so much effort into building.

Enjoy custom coverage for all your insurance needs.

  • Agriculture

    No matter which production, processing and product-marketing processes you use, we offer an insurance program adapted to your activities.

  • Construction

    We insure construction contractors who do business in Quebec, Canada and around the world, whether in the residential, commercial or forestry sector, focusing on new builds or renovation, and specializing in all types of work.

  • Wholesale and the industrial sector
    Wholesale and the industrial sector

    We insure wholesalers and manufacturers, namely in the fields of health and pharmaceuticals, food, information technology, electronics, as well as clothing, wood, metal, paper, plastic, furniture and various products sold internationally.

  • Real estate
    Real estate

    We insure all types of buildings or building inventories, whether commercial, industrial, multi-unit residential or office buildings, as well as warehouses and condominiums.

  • Professional services
    Professional services

    We insure companies and individuals providing professional services, including dentists, lawyers, hairdressers, engineers, architects, doctors, brokers, massage therapists, chiropractors, interior designers, personal trainers, notaries, optometrists and accountants.

  • Technology and communication
    Technology and communication

    We insure specialized companies that do business in Quebec, Canada and around the world, such as software and mobile application development businesses; computer equipment manufacturers, resellers and distributors; technology and network-security consultants; and many more.

  • Transportation

    We insure all types of transportation companies doing business across North America, including general transportation, the shipment of bulk cargo, livestock, lumber, petroleum products and hazardous goods, as well as deliveries of all kinds.

  • And many other sectors
    And many other sectors

    International businesses, auto repair shops, hotels, municipalities, non-profit organizations: no matter your area of activity, we can advise you!

We protect your interests around the world

We are a member of Assurex Global, the world’s largest privately held risk management and commercial insurance brokerage group with a presence in more than 80 countries.

This partnership gives us access to an international brokerage network, which helps us serve our clients operating globally.

Thanks to our local expertise and Assurex Global’s international reach, PMT Roy is your trusted advisor in the ever-changing insurance landscape.