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Having trouble getting insurance?

We can help by proposing solutions for your commercial insurance needs.

No matter what problems you’re up against or the unique risks you face, our advisors will know how to protect you with sufficient insurance coverage.

Possible reasons​​​​​​​ you’re having trouble

  • First-time coverage

  • Insurance interruption

  • Criminal record

  • Claim frequency

  • Bankruptcy (recent or underway)

  • Insurance cancelled for non-payment of the premium or another reason

  • Suspended license

  • Substandard creditor

  • Trying to insure a bar

  • Fuses

  • Congested sector

  • Non-compliant wood heating

  • Non-compliant paint shop

  • Non-compliant wood shop

  • Vacant or unoccupied building

  • Building under construction or renovation

  • Building with high-risk occupants

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