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Why entrust our advisors with protecting what is most precious to you?

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Whether you’re seeking life insurance, group insurance, disability insurance or any other type of financial protection, our experienced advisors will carefully analyze your profile and assess your unique needs.

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Thanks to our extensive network of partners, we select the best products to help you and your family through the different stages of life.

Enjoy custom coverage for all your insurance needs.

  • Life insurance
    Life insurance

    Purchase term, permanent or universal life insurance to prevent the financial upheaval death can bring and to make sure your loved ones can maintain their standard of living.

  • Critical illness insurance
    Critical illness insurance

    We never know what life has in store. Receive a tax-free benefit upon being diagnosed with a critical illness and maintain the quality of life you might have lost without it.

  • Long-term care insurance
    Long-term care insurance

    It’s easy to take our ability to perform our daily activities for granted. Should you be diagnosed with a degenerative disease or have a major accident, this insurance will cover your care and assistance needs.

  • Disability insurance
    Disability insurance

    In the event of an accident that prevents you from working, focus on your recovery and protect your family and/or business with monthly payments that will offset your financial loss.

  • Group insurance
    Group insurance

    It’s not only employees who benefit from group insurance. Employers do too. Protect your human resources, encourage employee

  • Mortgage insurance
    Mortgage insurance

    Whether you’re a homeowner or are about to become one, you need mortgage insurance to adequately protect your investment and ensure your peace of mind.