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Protect your farm with our insurance lines

Farming has evolved tremendously in recent decades, and we’re keenly aware of the risks associated with your farming operation’s current reality. We know how important it is for you to properly protect the assets you’ve built up through long hours of hard work and considerable financial investment.

PMT ROY represents the majority of specialized farm insurers and can give you sound advice about your specific needs.

A broad range of farming operations

Our clients operate a broad range of farming operations – dairy, livestock, crops, maple groves and others. Regardless of how your products are produced, processed and marketed, we can offer an insurance package that matches your specific needs.

The insurance products we offer

  • Property and investment insurance

    This covers any damage to your produce, inventories and commercial buildings as well as to third-party property.

  • Farm machinery insurance

    This covers the work tools essential to the operation of your business against theft, accident or breakage.

  • Animal, embryo and veterinary expenses insurance

    This covers you against significant losses if your animals, the core of your operation, fall victim to disaster or illness.

  • Produce insurance

    This covers your fruits, vegetables, grains, animal feed, etc. against fire, theft, vandalism, storms, tornadoes and other adverse events.

  • Income loss and additional expenses insurance

    This covers the income that your business would normally have earned had there been no interruption of operations, and helps your business to continue operating despite a loss.

  • Farm and personal liability insurance

    This key coverage protects you in the event of damage or injury to third parties on your farm or during other activities related to it.

  • Milk contamination insurance

    This covers losses caused by the rejection and recall of contaminated milk due to the presence of antibiotics or other unacceptable products.

We have the right insurance solutions for your farming operation.