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Protect your commercial vehicles with auto insurance

If you own one or more vehicles, or if your company owns vehicles, you are responsible for obtaining insurance from qualified brokers. When you turn to us for your insurance needs, you’ll receive advice tailored to your needs, at a competitive price.

    Types of vehicles

    • Delivery and transportation vehicles (Canada and the United States)
    • Commercial trucks and trailers
    • Light and heavy vehicles
    • Box trucks (cube vans)
    • Service vehicles (pick-up trucks)
    • Fixed-load vehicles
    • Short-term rental vehicles

    Characteristics and advantages of the product

    • Automobile civil liability
    • Travel costs (long form)
    • Collision or upset
    • Accident without collision or upset
    • Designated risks
    • Rental car insurance
    • Business interruption
    • Damage to a rental vehicle
    • Life and health insurance
    • Replacement for new or used vehicle
    • Replacement value
    • Bond