Bond - Business insurance - PMT ROY

Need a bond? We have solutions tailored for you.

Whatever the size of your company, PMT ROY’s team of bond specialists will use their connections with the largest bond insurers in Canada to negotiate you the best bond conditions on the market, whether you are a:

  • general contractor
  • subcontractor
  • service company
  • manufacturing company
  • supplier
  • specialized contractor, or
  • private corporation

Contract bonds

Contract bonds protect the owner/obligee from financial losses in the event the contractor does not fulfil its contractual obligations. The most commonly used contract bonds are:

  • bid bond
  • letter of consent or commitment
  • performance bond
  • labour and material payment bond
  • maintenance bond

Commercial sureties

In contrast, commercial sureties generally meet the requirements of courts, government bodies, financial institutions or private corporations to protect the consumer against fraud and embezzlement, and will compensate any monetary loss the consumer may incur. The most commonly used commercial sureties are:

  • license and permit bonds
  • excise bonds
  • customs bonds
  • estate bonds
  • lost documents bonds